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How Can I Recover Lost Text Messages from LG Phone?

Q: I love to send messages with my girlfriend everyday, so sometimes I need to empty the message box after I saved some precious texts in other places. However, I found that I mistakenly deleted an important message from my clients without backup yesterday, then is it anyone can tell me how to get the message back quickly? Thanks in advance!

Don't panic, you're not alone! Actually, with the popularity of all kinds of portable devices, data losing have become a common problem for digital users in the daily life. Not only messages, other data like contacts, photos, etc. are also facing the high risk of losing. So we always suggest mobile phone users to backup their phone's data to other security places regularly. But if you have no backups at all, and when the trouble comes to your LG Optimus, don't too panic, you still have a chance to find them back.

To be honest, almost all of us think the deleted messages from LG is lost permanently, right? But actually, as long as you don't load any new data to your mobile phone, the messages will still saved in the same space on your phone. But the premise is that you need a professional tool to help you detect the messages on your LG phone and display them. This is also why Coolmuster LG Message Recovery comes here for your reference.

Now, just click the below icon to get the powerful program and follow the below steps to see how to restore deleted SMS messages from LG Optiomus/Cosmos/Rumor within a few clicks!

How to Recover Deleted Text Conversation from LG Mobile Phones?

Preparation Works:

Here is something you need to do before you start the process officially:
1) Root your LG phone; (Click here to get detailed steps)
2) Open USB debugging on your phone.

First of all, connect your phone and launch the program

To begin with, just link the LG Optimus, Rumor, Comos or other LG phones to the computer via USB cable, then launch the program which you've installed on your computer. If you have done the preparation works, you'll see an interface just like the below on your computer.

If your Android phone is running on Android 4.2.2, then when you have USB debugging enabled, this now causes a prompt to appear on connection, seen below:

Then, preview and find your target messages for restoring

Left click the "Message" option in the program, and then you can preview the whole text conversation from any people in the program. Find the one you have lost or deleted, and mark them one by one. After these, you can hit "Recovery" button to save them on your computer.

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