5 Gadgets Perfect for Overcoming the Summer Heat

5 Gadgets Perfect for Overcoming the Summer Heat

5 Gadgets Perfect for Overcoming the Summer Heat

For the rest of the world, the cold winter months are approaching, which means stocking up on warm clothes and plenty of winter treats. However, if you are Australian, then you will be preparing for some of the hottest months of the year. Even if you have spent your entire life living in Australia, nobody can be prepared for the overwhelming heat that we experience in the summer and so it is likely that you are searching for ways to escape the upcoming weather. Here are 5 gadgets that you can use to overcome the summer heat.

Air Conditioning

If you are really struggling with the heat that is being produced this summer, then we recommend that you get an air-conditioning system installed. Most newly built homes already have them installed, but for some of you with older homes, you will not have one already built-in. If you are someone that lives in Perth, then you will know that there is a long waiting list for people trying to get air conditioning, which is why we recommend that you get in contact with allfield to get a quote on a new air conditioning system.

Hand-held Fans

You feel the brunt of the heat most when you are outside as you are exposed to the hot rays of the sun. There is nothing worse than trying to do your daily tasks, only to be overwhelmed by the scorching heat. For this reason, we recommend that you purchase a hand-held electric fan that you can use whenever you start to feel overwhelmed by the heat. Electric fans are better than manual fans, as the work that goes into using a manual fan will usually leave you feeling hotter than you already did.

Reusable Ice Cubes

Hot weather calls for cold drinks, but there is nothing more annoying than your drink being diluted by ice cubes or your ice cubes quickly melting in the heat. We recommend that you purchase reusable ice cubes that will help you avoid any annoying drink dilution. It is very common to purchase plastic re-usable cubes, but we recommend that you invest in metal cubes. Metal cubes stay colder for longer and there is no chance of them leeching into your drink, which can, unfortunately, be the case for some plastic ice cubes.

Cooling Bedding Inserts

There is nothing worse than trying to fall asleep in intense heat. Even if you kick off all your blankets, you are still left with the overwhelming heat and humidity in the air. This is why we recommend that you purchase bedding inserts that can help cool you down during the night. These inserts are cooling gel pads, and you can put them within your pillowcase and under your sheet. They are not going to cool you down completely, but they offer a lot of relief during the hot summer nights and are extremely affordable. A common hack that people do when using these inserts is putting them in the freezer a few hours before bed, which makes them extremely cold and fit for purpose.

Misting Water Bottles

Misting bottles are great for those of you that expect to be out in the heat for a long time. This two in one gadget consists of an insulated water bottle that keeps your water cold and a misting device.  This is a great bit of tech as it gives you a much needed cool down whenever you need it and it doesn’t use too much water while doing so, so you don’t have to worry about wasting all of your water while attempting to cool down.

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