5 Of The Best Content Creators to Follow Right Now!

5 Of The Best Content Creators to Follow Right Now!

We all know that content is king. If you want to make your content platform popular and get the hits, subscribes, likes, followers, reposts, shares, and fame, your content needs to be good. Some of the things new content creators overlook are often the most important and the ones. Your content has to be uploaded regularly, it has to be organized, it has to be interesting and engaging, it has to hit your target audience and it must be new and different, not only to your own content but to other’s as well. These are the five best content creators out there right now. Go on, follow them!



The first content creator is ‘Hunnibee ASMR’. Hunnibee’s content is uploaded regularly and she continues to make each of her videos interesting and engaging for her viewers. Whether you like ASMR or not, Hunnibee ASMR is one to follow! Each of her videos has a theme – whether that be a color (pink was her most recent), a particular holiday or day of significance (like Valentine, Halloween, or Christmas), or an object, Hunnibee ASMR keeps her content coming, and she keeps it varied. While Hunnibee ASMR is popular now, when first starting out as a content creator, her content had much less of a niche. While that can work well for some creators, having a wide niche means a wide audience, and keeping everyone happy isn’t an easy task. What Hunnibee ASMR did was find her niche and worked with it, honing her content and her follower base. Now she’s internet viral.



‘Cut’ is the next content creator you absolutely need to follow. Cut is an online, video-based company and content creator that specializes in the awkward, taboo, fun, and deep. Quite a bag, I know. Their specialty? Anything that would look strange or stand out in another content creator’s repertoire. Their latest video, ‘A Pastor Guesses People’s Religion’, is exactly the kind of content I mean. It’s on the edge, a little bit taboo and it’s something a lot of other content creators would struggle to have the resources, follower base, and ability to address the topics. Cut’s entire dynamic is focusing on the things others don’t want to look at. Follow them! Go!



The next content creator is a YouTube channel called ‘COLORS’. COLORS’ specialty is providing a platform for up and coming artists to debut their music in a world where being noticed is near impossible. For example, the British artist Jorja Smith was featured on the channel, helping her become known to a wider audience and reaching ears that may not have been in the right places to hear her. COLORS give the artists a space to come and perform their music while giving them a huge platform to be exposed to. While yes, COLORS is more of a content finder than a content creator, their endeavor is still a brilliant one.


Button Poetry

Like COLORS, ‘Button Poetry’ is a content finder. Poetry is already a very niche area and so Button Poetry brings poets’ performances under one easy, findable source. Button Poetry accredits each poet along with their work and simply provides a space for people to come and find modern poets and poetry. Follow!



Last, but definitely not least, is a social media content creator called ‘shit you should care about’. This content creator provides news that might otherwise stay obscure and shares with their followers what’s happening around the world that the big news corporations won’t write about. This is a page that you must follow.


And now you have a wealth of content creators to keep you busy, entertained, and updated! Happy scrolling!

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