6 Pieces of Household Technology That were Created For the Military

6 Pieces of Household Technology That were Created For the Military

It may come as a surprise just how much technology we use in our everyday lives that were actually designed to help improve and aid our military services. So much of what is used on a daily basis was not intended to be used in the way we do, from the internet to satellite navigation there is a lot of technology within most households that was designed for the military. The great thing about the development of new technologies that is all so common within this world that we are living in is the fact that a piece of technology that has a specific purpose can be used in so many different ways.


The human race has a way of flipping an intended purpose for something and finding different uses for it, some of the pieces of technology on this are very influential items that we could not live without. Some are very technological in nature and others are very simple items that have been used for many years without thought of what they were actually designed to do.


Satellite Navigation

Satellite navigation was created to help within the military by guiding vehicles through areas and environments that were not always safe, without the development of this technology soldiers were falling victim to harsh natural conditions with limited navigation. With such a noble purpose in mind, it is hard to think about how satellite navigation is used nowadays with a very high percentage of the population relying upon satellite navigation every day. The introduction of the sat nav to the mainstream population was a truly revolutionary development, no longer were people relying on maps to get to where they needed to go with this convenient piece of technology there to guide them.


Duct Tape

A slightly less technologically advanced development that can be found in practically every household would be duct tape, you will be surprised to know that duct tape was actually created as a medical tool within the military. As previously mentioned the weather conditions can be rough for our military services so having something that is waterproof and very good at sticking things together is very useful. The same principle applies to what duct tape is used for nowadays with it being a handy tool when attaching things to one another around the home.



Radar was quite obviously developed in order to help the navy and other military submarines and boats to navigate the waters, radar is crucial particularly within submarines where actual visibility is limited. In the unfortunate event that a battle would occur radar allowed our military to see where the enemy was so they could be victorious. However radar has been implemented within many aspects of our household technologies, radar is used by airports for navigation purposes and managing outgoing and incoming flights safely. Closer to home example of technology that uses radar would have to be our everyday microwave ovens showing just how versatile an invention it is.


Digital Photos

Digital photography, night vision technology, and CCTV are each derived from the same technological development, camera technology has come a long way in recent years with more and more uses being found for it every year. Within the military cameras were used for surveillance to ensure any facilities were secure and safe from enemy threats. This technology was very useful in protecting lives on the front line, but there are many uses that have made their way into our homes with many houses having security cameras and surveillance technology for the same reasons. Night Vision was another particularly useful development when it comes to guarding the front line in the military, however, night vision goggles have become one of the besten action geschenke für jungs.



The internet is definitely something that is used by the majority of people every day, the internet was created as the next step in terms of technological development. It changed the way in which another technology was created and led to a whole new mainstream lifestyle for the world. It was always known how big of a thing the internet was going to be and although it wasn’t created distinctly for this reason it made significant changes to the military also. The internet opened up new surveillance and investigation opportunities for our military and helped save many lives in many different ways.


Medical Gauze

The final piece on this list refers to the development of medical bandages, these were originally designed for the military with special materials that are great for absorbing and containing wounds. This revolutionary creation was very significant at the time and helped the military with saving the lives of the injured, the same grade of bandage can be found in many homes all over the country and is what is found today in the everyday household first aid kits.

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