8 Practical Applications for your Coding Degree

8 Practical Applications for your Coding Degree

Coding has become more relevant to society and has become a more popular subject to study. Less than 10 years ago, the lecture halls for coding degrees would have many empty spaces and on average only around 50 students. Coding has massively grown in popularity and now getting accepted onto a coding degree can be extremely difficult with most courses reaching max capacity early in the year and having long waiting lists. Coding is one of the most difficult degrees, it’s a mix between maths and computer science which can be extremely challenging at degree level. It has also grown in popularity among the average American, there are plenty of free resources online to help people learn how to code from home and this has led to many people becoming passionate about coding. People start coding for many different reasons, the main reason is people wanting a career change but it also could be people wanting to use their skills to find cheats, hacks and other goodies for escape from tarkov and other popular video games. Once you complete your coding degree it’ll be time to use it in practice rather than in a controlled classroom environment, we’ve found 8 great practical applications for you to use your degree. 

Software Application Developer

This is one of the most popular jobs for people who have obtained a degree in coding to go into. It is a well-respected profession as it is seen as being one of the most difficult, but as long as you’ve worked hard during your degree then you’ll be prepared to take on this role. If you’re someone who knows they have a big picture mentality and enjoy working in teams then this would be the ideal profession for you. 

Web Developer

This is another common profession that is filled with people who have obtained a coding degree. This is seen as a more relaxed environment to work in than those who go into software development. The average salary for a web developer is around $79,000 and the main roles of the job include listening to the wants and needs of a client, then using your expertise to go away and create a website for them exactly how they want it. 


Computer Systems Engineer

A computer systems engineer is required to be fluent in many different programming languages. The most commonly used programs in this field are Python, Java, and C++. If you’re currently studying coding and know that this is a profession you could be interested in then make sure when picking your modules you try to take as many modules that will help you to develop your knowledge of these programs. This job requires you to work closely with clients and to be a great problem solver. 

Database Administrator

A database administrator requires an applicant to have a bachelor’s degree and due to this is it extremely well paid with the average database administrator earning just under $100k. Whilst most professions you can go into with coding will require you to be a great problem solver, being an administrator requires you to be a very quick problem solver so being able to think on your feet will give you a great advantage if you’re wanting to get into this field. 

Computer System Analyst

If an analysis is your strongest point when it comes to coding then this could be the perfect job for you and most analysts earn on average $90k but many earn much more. The main responsibility of this job is to merge your client’s business and their IT ideas to make them a reality. This job also requires you to have a great understanding of business as well as coding. 



Software Quality Assurance Engineer

This job requires similar skills to a software application developer, just using them for different reasons. Rather than developing software, it is their role to look at any software and be able to determine and problems or potential problems and how functional it is. The average salary for this job is approximately $80k. 

Business Intelligence Analyst

This is a good alternative for people who are interested in coding but don’t want their entire career to be based around it. This job would allow you to be more involved with the business side of things whilst still involving some coding meaning you can still put the skills you developed during your degree to the test. 

Computer Programmer

This job is one for the most motivated and disciplined students as it involved writing and rewriting programs as many times as necessary until they are completely free of errors and ready to be used. This is a difficult job as you have to be aware of how to fix all the errors and rewriting the programs could become too repetitive. 

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