Cars of the Future: A Look At All the Most Advance Car Technology

Cars of the Future: A Look At All the Most Advance Car Technology

Every year we see more and more technological advancements in our phones, tablets, gaming software, and much more. But one thing that doesn’t seem to advance quite as quickly as the rest is cars. But we can’t blame them, they are massive pieces of machinery that take hours of work and have lots of money put into it to make sure any new technology is fully engrained into the system. Recently, we have seen a bigger leap into these advancements, with cars such as Tesla. But what else is there?



Perhaps a little basic, but it was only ten years ago that most cars didn’t have satnavs, and the ones you bought had to be updated or replaced every few years to keep up with the new roads. Now, most modern cars come with a built-in satnav that can connect to your phone’s data, meaning you can get traffic updates, speed changes, and new routes added regularly without having to go out and spend more on it.

You can also connect your phone’s own satnav to the car if you’re someone who prefers to use google maps or similar to plan your route and frequently traveled routes can be saved for convenience. This makes driving an overall easier experience for everyone, especially new drivers.


Automated Parking

Though this is fairly new, it is being picked up by car manufacturers all over the world. I’m sure most of us hate parallel parking, and more often than not parking is slim to none, with the spaces that are available leaving barely enough room for maneuvering. This is where automated parking comes in and can make your life so much easier, by setting the car into park mode and allowing it to take over the steering, it will use its sensors to detect and avoid any other vehicles and obstacles and perfectly get you into that tight little spot. These parking sensors are also useful for just general parking by yourself, and more cars have this technology than automated parking. You’ll often be able to tell if a car has this by the loud and frequent beeping it emits when a car is reversing into a spot, that lets the driver know if they’re getting too close to a bumper or curb. Hitting an object with your car that has parking sensors can damage them, so you probably should listen to the beeping if you have it, unless you want to pay a heavy fee for it.


Adaptive Suspension

Most new cars have this, though a lot of people may not realize this. The adaptive (or active) suspension is where your car uses sensors to monitor the road you’re driving on to adjust the suspension as necessary, to improve the driving experience. Many of us will have had an experience of being in a car with bad suspension, where a small bump in the road at high speeds can send you flying into the roof, but with this, driving becomes smoother and safer. Although, taking bumps or similar like this is highly unadvised as it can damage your suspension, but sometimes it is unavoidable such as when there is a pothole coming that you don’t see or can’t avoid. In this case, you should take your car to be looked at by a licensed mechanic to make sure the suspension is still intact, and if the mechanic doesn’t know that struts and shocks are not the same thing then you should probably take your car elsewhere.


Electric Cars

Electric cars are a somewhat controversial topic, as many still don’t like them or refuse to use them. However, it is a massive leap for the future of cars, as electricity can be produced in a green way, whilst petrol and diesel still can’t. Not only that, but they run a lot quieter as well, and some roads even have a way to charge the car as it is driving on it, meaning that it would run for longer than a petrol one.

With the release of Tesla cars, more people are getting on board with the idea of electric cars, with how clean and sleek the Tesla looks and drives. It is extremely comparable to a petrol car in most aspects, apart from it will overall be cheaper, and better for the environment.


Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are something most people know about by now, but it is still quite a remarkable feat nonetheless. Fully automated self-driving cars are slowly being introduced onto the roads, however, the ones we see most often is where the driver is able to let go of the wheel and allow the car to steer for him for a short while, like cruise control. However, when this was first introduced some people were skeptical of it and did not enjoy the idea of seeing another driver on the motorway who was not the one in control of his vehicle.

This is of course still a fairly new concept, and not bulletproof, however, there are some studies that suggest that self-driving cars could potentially save more lives by recognizing risks faster than cars driven by people.


Car technology will never be able to keep up with phone technology or the like, but it is constantly improving on itself, and improving the lives of drivers.

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