How to Develop and Market a Successful Mobile Game

How to Develop and Market a Successful Mobile Game

The world of gaming has come a long way in the last twenty years. Time was the height of gaming was running Lemmings off a cliff. Now, we can dive into fully immersive VR worlds with our friends. Or simulate entire civilizations. Or explore procedurally generate universes for days on end.

And another huge development of the gaming world is Mobile Gaming. These days our smartphones are just as powerful as some computers. Definitely more powerful than the Home PC’s of yesteryear. And as they develop, so do does the quality of mobile games.

Large scale games, such as League of Legends, have even been ported to mobile now. Nothing is off-limits when it comes to mobile.

But how do you get from an idea to finished product? And once there, how do you market that game successfully?

Below we have assembled a small guide to give you some insight into how you can go from no experience to developing your own game. And we will also give you some advice on how to go about marketing the game once it’s completed.


An Idea

The gaming market has boomed in recent years. This does mean the market is oversaturated with games. Every year hundreds of small scale games are released. This can make it difficult to come up with an original idea.

The first thing to bear in mind is that not every game has to be completely original. No matter what you do, your game will contain elements found in others. But it is more about how well you implement these features.

To that end, you will want to spend a long time brainstorming some good ideas. Create a development document and start writing everything down. Story ideas. Gameplay mechanics. Player interactions.

You don’t want to start coding anything until you have a full and comprehensive development document.


The Art

While you are creating the development document, you will want to make sure you have an art department working on concept art or various in-game assets. Good art is always a strong selling point for any game, so don’t be afraid to invest some serious cash into this department.


Get Coding

Designing an app itself isn’t difficult. The hard part of this process is coding the game itself. If you are handy with code, great. Dive in and get started. If you aren’t, don’t be afraid to outsource this to some of your more technically inclined friends. As long as everyone gets shared credit.

There are plenty of online guides to help you with coding. And if you are completely new to it, consider taking a fully online course in game development. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can speed through it and start creating.


Consider the Player

Make sure, every step of the way, you are considering the player. This will tie into the marketing as well. You need to be certain you are creating a game that people will actually want to play. There needs to be a lot of variable player control and options. They need to have a lot of assets and mechanics to interact with. And there needs to be a sense of progression.

It might seem easy, but it is actually difficult to get this right. So make sure you exert all your effort.





Sample your Competition

This is a big part of the development process. You need to play hundreds of different mobile games. You need to know what is out there. Mainly to see what your competition is, but also to get an idea of what works and what doesn’t. It can also help to look at mobile game guide sites to see how fans interact with the game, such as and other sites.



You might think the toughest part of game development is coding, drawing, and development. It isn’t. All of that is easy compared to the tumultuous task of running a successful marketing campaign.

The biggest disclaimer we can attach to this section is this. There will be tough days. You will face a lot of criticism and ridicule from trolls and other negative people. Be prepared for it and power through. In the end, it will be worth it.

The first step to running a successful campaign is advertising. Make sure you create some eye-catching adverts. Secondly, make sure you are showing your players how the game will play and how they interact with the game world.

Thirdly, be honest. Don’t hide any sneaky costs or pay-2-win mechanics within the game world. This sort of tactic is a surefire way to lose your player base instantly.


We hope this guide has given you some ideas on how to approach your Mobile Game Development Project. Happy Coding!

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