How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on Android


How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on Android

Some people swipe it out on purpose while others make for a rueful moment with that gut-wrenching accident of deleting an important SMS. Removing a message is common even today with the advanced technology in social media platforms allowing for better options. Not everything was the same a decade back when SMS was the only form of sending text messages. As you might know, the recovery of deleted messages is not easy because it entails a set of processes. However, by jumping through a few fiery hoops, you can get there. It is a fact that all your files are not actually deleted from your device but gets stored at some far corner in the hard drive. These data will be waiting to be retrieved or replaced; so, if you make the swift decisions to get the messages back, you have a chance of viewing it on your phone.


Deletion of Data

Most of the data that you delete is kept inactive and invisible as long as you make attempts to restore it. If you need to recover your message, you should stop using your phone until you get the messages back on because the newly added data can replace the deleted ones.


Recovery of Messages

Many wireless providers are said to be storing text messages and such records long after its delivery. This cannot be considered as a ray of hope since they might not be willing to disclose any of the information just because you deleted the message. If you are contacting them with support from the police, they might help you out. However, that doesn’t happen always; you can only expect them to cooperate if they feel like it. Since this method can lead to further legal complications, it is better to take the practical alternative.


Data Recovery Software

You can possibly find no better option than using a data recovery software for obtaining your message. This technology works to scan your device for all content that has been deleted and retrieving whatever still exists. Android support various data recovery tools, and a Google search can get you reliable results. While some of them are available for free, you have to pay for the ones that offer a free trial period. The remaining part of the recovery is simple; all you need to do is install the program on your PC.


Turn on the USB Debugging in your Android Settings and run the software. The working of the software will differ from one brand to another. Some services will require your Android apps to load all the essential data on your PC, whereas the others make the PC software to do the heavy lifting. By following all these instructions, you can recover your deleted messages. Since the age of SMS isn’t dying anytime soon, you need to make sure that this mistake doesn’t happen again. To elude the unfortunate chances of deleting your messages, try apps that can backup them on your phone.

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