Resume Tech: How AI can Scrutinize your Resume

Resume Tech: How AI can Scrutinize your Resume

With vacancy applications at an all-time high, there has been a huge increase in demand for the processing of resumes, instead of hiring candidates or wasting the man-hours of your employees going through and checking applications, there has instead been a development in technological solutions designed to process job applications and limit the number of resumes that are checked by an actual employer. By reducing the number of applications that require physical inspection, businesses have more free time to work on the more important processes, however, this is not necessarily a good thing for you as a potential employee. With this new heavy reliance on AI, technology candidates will have to consider how their resume will be scrutinized and tailor their applications so it has a higher chance of making the cut.


Volume of Applications

The primary function of using AI technology to filter through applications is to make the process easier for the company you are applying for, unfortunately, this can mean the application process is more difficult for potential candidates as it may lead to your resume being overlooked. A typical job advertisement will receive hundreds of applications, this would be difficult for a single group of people to look over each application effectively as it is a lot of work to get done quickly. Using AI will filter through the huge amount of data and leave a selection of candidates that have met the necessary criteria suitable for the job, below are a number of pointers to consider with your application to help the AI choose your resume for the position.


Spelling and Grammar

Good spelling and grammar is a very important factor to ensure your resume comes across in a professional manner, using an AI only increases the chances of a grammatical error being found and hindering the success of your application. When filling out an application or writing your resume I would recommend using a grammar checking service like Grammarly to pick up on any errors that could negatively impact you getting past the AI filtering process. Your spelling and grammar are a key factor in coming across as a professional so you should take extra care whether or not your application goes through AI screening in order to maximize your chances of being selected for the job role.



Another factor that an AI filter will pick up on is how you decide to format your resume, how you present the information about yourself is vital to potential employers having a positive response. A professional resume will be displayed in a way that makes sense and makes use of things like bullet points and paragraphing, effective formatting makes a resume easier to read. You have to consider that only a small amount of time will be spent reading your application so the information you wish to convey will have to be concise and engaging so your employer can get to know you with little effort.



Depending on the nature of the job you are applying for you may need to have some form of qualifications to be eligible for the position, you should display all of your qualifications in a clear and concise segment on your resume so that employers can clearly see if you are the right person for the job. If an AI filter is being used then people without the necessary qualifications are likely to be automatically filtered out for the position. This is why it is vital you only apply for the jobs you are qualified for in order to avoid disappointment.


Background Checks

A feature of AI filtering that is currently in more of a development phase would be the inclusion of background checks in the filtering process, this is not currently a widely used feature but is definitely something we could see being used by many employers. AI would be able to contact employment background check companies and using your contact details on your resume would be able to do a full background check into your employment history, criminal record and even find your social media pages, this allows employers to easily do a full formal check into your records to help them make an informed decision regarding potential employment.

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