The 4 Necessary Apps Every Office Worker Needs

The 4 Necessary Apps Every Office Worker Needs

Denmark has been keeping itself at the forefront of the COVID war by making sure it puts its people first. No unnecessary returning to work or opening facilities too early, and the government has been trying to support its people as best it can.

And this means that a lot of office-based companies have adopted a work from home model. Making use of a variety of different apps and increasing their server capacity to ensure anyone who needs to is able to get their work done without ever leaving their bedroom.

And while a lot of companies make use of their own server related apps, there are a lot of apps that are extremely useful to anyone who is used to working in an office environment.




Before the pandemic, no one would have ever mentioned Zoom. The first port of call for video chatting would be Skype. But now Zoom has taken the crown and for good reason. The UI is much more user friendly and it allows companies or individuals to plan and schedule meetings and put groups into small separate rooms. This is letting offices move to a fully virtual environment allowing meetings to take place without any interruptions or issues. Making it a must-have for office workers.


TimeSheet Reporter

A lot of countries have been offering furlough schemes. But they have to end sometime. And without an internal HR department tracking your hours as effectively, it is imperative you make sure your timesheet is up to date. The folks over at tidsregistrering have created the must-have TimeSheet Reporter. Its simple UI allows you to easily track how long you work and it automatically formats it so it is ready to send off to the accounting department. In these troubling times, it is important to know you are going to get paid on time and the right amount.


Microsoft Teams

Onedrive has always been great at document sharing. But it is cumbersome and difficult to navigate. This is where Microsoft Teams has stepped in. The app allows companies to essentially create a virtual workspace where you can drop and collect documents, host chat rooms for certain topics, and allow your staff to feel like they are all at work together during the day. Both staving off loneliness and creating an efficient working environment is imperative for this pandemic, which is why Microsoft Teams is a must-have app.



For smaller offices or people whose workflow is done on a job-by-job basis, Trello is the perfect app to manage and coordinate what jobs are being done by who and all the information about them. Allowing a business to create cards and different categories. It is a great way of staying organized and allowing you to see what everyone else is currently working on, thus improving productivity across the board. And to top it off, it’s free to use as well.

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