The Best Camera Tech For Modern Street Photography

The Best Camera Tech For Modern Street Photography

The new age of artistic street photography has created a whole new generation of photographers with a unique style of taking pictures. With such significant developments in the world of photography, it makes sense that more and more people are turning to this industry whether it be for pleasure or as an occupation. The photography industry is booming and we are seeing many new artists displaying their work online through social media platforms, as more and more people enter the world of street photography the amount of competition between photographers has definitely seen a huge increase.


The com[petition that has come with the development of street photography has also opened up the camera tech market to new opportunities. There is more demand for new camera tech as photographers are using the new tech that is available to compete against other photographers and to get the very best quality pictures. With more camera tech being developed we have compiled a list of what every street photographer should own in order for them to be successful, including which lenses are good for street photography and handy travel solutions, you should take advantage of what is available if you are serious about a career in street photography.


Multiple Lenses

Every photographer knows the importance of using different camera lenses for different situations, if you wish to be taken seriously in this industry you should be able to know which lenses would be most suitable for each situation. The type of lens you use totally depends on the lighting and the shot you wish to take, for example, a wide shot with multiple subjects would require a wide lens and a shot that has one thing you wish to be the image’s focus would require something that is more zoomed.


Wide Angle Lens

In particular with street photography, you are likely to want to capture the true detail of your setting so with rural locations a wide-angle lens would be the most appropriate as they are great for taking pictures of landscapes. Street photography focuses on industrialized locations and themes like graffiti so to be able to capture the whole image you need a lens that can take a wide picture. If you wish to get the best images you should have a wide range of lenses so you can tailor your camera to fit the situation you are in.





A tripod is a fundamental piece of camera technology that has seen huge developments in recent years, gone are the days where huge inconvenient tripods are being used and instead smaller devices are being used to ensure that every street photographer can get a solid shot. Tripods provide a stable surface for your camera so you can ensure your angles are not off when you take your picture, with street photography you have to deal with the unpredictability of natural light so getting the angle of your image correct is even more important.


Travel Case

A simple yet often overlooked piece of camera equipment would have to be your camera storage and travel case, in street photography you are constantly on the move which opens you up to the risk of damaging your camera and equipment if you do not take extra care. High-quality travel cases are available that allow you to not only protect your expensive camera but also allow you to be organized so that in the instance you see an opportunity for a picture you can quickly and safely get your camera out and get the best shot.

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