The Gamers Guide to Building the Ultimate Gaming PC

The Gamers Guide to Building the Ultimate Gaming PC

Ever since the birth of video gaming as a hobby, personal computers have been the leader in technology and innovation and a consistent market leader through decades of highs and lows in a relatively volatile industry.   Perhaps it is therefore unsurprising that in the modern-day more people than ever are looking into joining the glorious world of PC gaming.

Thousands of console and mobile gamers are buying up new gaming rigs every day and it is becoming far easier as the cost of high-power parts and games on PC have remained extremely competitive, especially as the new console generation is introduced and the competition becomes far more expensive while a decent gaming PC is cheaper than ever.

But one of the bars to entry that drives a lot of people to buy the fiscally bloated prebuilt PCs is the intimidating prospect of assembling the machine yourself from a selection of parts you may not be hugely familiar with. But luckily I am here to help give a few basic tips on what to look for and a little on what to do with the mass of parts you just ordered off amazon.


The Main Parts

The most important part of a gaming PC is in itself a hotly debated topic, but the truth is that there are a few parts that all need to be considered both individually and in combination to give your computer the kick it needs to run the games you love in unparalleled detail. The main parts to look into will be your motherboard, processor, and graphics card (GPU). The motherboard acts as the central brain in your computer, connecting all the other aspects of your rig to each other and allowing them to communicate with each other.

As a result of its integral importance, it is paramount that you find one that is not only compatible with your other parts but also that you go for a higher quality one than you might think you need. They aren’t the most expensive part of a computer, but they can still take a decent slice out of your budget if you aren’t careful. You will want to find one that is the right sort of physical size for the case or the size of the computer you are looking for. Perhaps most importantly though, you will want one that is compatible with the processor you are thinking about. The processor is essentially an extremely complicated, laser engineered calculator.

They are designed to calculate thousands of problems in fractions of a second and are often limited only by the number of cores they include, which essentially allow a processor to calculate multiple different threads of information almost at the same time. Processors are usually round twice the price of your motherboard, depending on the quality and brand you are looking for. Different motherboards have different socket compatibility and are often limited to either Intel or AMD processors, almost never both.


Graphics Processing Unit

So far we have only discussed parts of PCs which can be found in all kinds of computers, from laptops to office computers to the great supercomputers used in complex calculations at NASA. The main part which defines a gaming PC is the GPU. These are large processor chips which are specially designed to process image and animation based code at an insanely high speed.

This focus on a comparatively small amount of possible calculations means that graphics cards have, especially recently, become unfathomably efficient at displaying extremely high levels of detail at increasingly high resolutions, with extremely recent examples coming with enough power to support 8k gaming with just the one card! This will undoubtedly be the most expensive part of a gaming rig for any potential PC gamer who wishes to get the most out of their new platform. With newly released cards reaching above $1000 on the high end, they are certainly a huge hit to your wallet, but they are the most important passage to smooth, high-quality gaming. When looking for great gaming fidelity, you can always find the best gaming gpu on this german site. On the other hand, you can quite often, you can find a budget release of a graphics card from a year or two previous for outstanding prices considering the high power of even the cheaper models in the modern age.


Building It

After you have selected these core aspects of your fancy new gaming rig and are happy that all these parts are compatible with each other, you can start thinking about the less important, but still integral parts of your computer, such as a power supply unit and any accessories such as the ever-rare disc drive. As much as you won’t notice the immediate effect of these, they are all still incredibly important to the smooth running of your machine and should be deeply considered regardless. Hopefully, these quick tips can help you to start to build your dream gaming PC and open up the unparalleled amount of interesting and brilliant games for you to explore as you wish. Happy gaming!

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