Which Social Media Platform is the Best for Your Business? 

Which Social Media Platform is the Best for Your Business? 

If you are a business owner, then you are probably more than aware that typical marketing techniques no longer cut it. We are living in the digital age and for that reason, everything that was once promoted on TV, radio and in advertisements, is now promoted online.  

 Businesses have been migrating to the online universe for some time now, but now instead of setting up independent websites, a lot of businesses are choosing social media platforms to interact with customers and sell their products or services. Social media platforms are more than aware of just how many businesses use social media platforms in order to run their company and for that reason, many social media platforms have specially designed features that make running your business from that particular social media page much easier.  

 With so many social media pages to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out which social media platform is the best choice for your business. We are all too familiar with just how difficult it can be to choose the right social media platform for you, so here are some details that differentiate all of the sites that you have most likely looked into. Here are the social media platforms that are best for your business.  



Currently one of the most popular social media platforms for businesses is Instagram. Instagram has a long list of useful features that make it the perfect point to start running your business from.  

 If you decide to make an account specially dedicated to your business, then you can actually choose to make something called a ‘business account’. Business accounts are very different to regular social media accounts as they allow you to access metrics that give you a good idea of how your account is doing.  


When you own a standard instagram account, you have access to certain data such as: who is liking your pictures and how many comments you are getting. Though this data is fine for a standard account, it is not very useful for people trying to operate a business account. Business accounts have access to a lot more information, such as how many people saw the post and the potential reach the post may have had.  


Instagram offers a lot of growth potential for business accounts and there are a lot of features that businesses can utilize in order to increase their popularity. For example, you can promote your posts which will increase how many people it will reach, which can be done for an exceptionally affordable price.  You can also purchase followers incase you feel as though your page is not getting enough attention, worldfa.me ist eine der besten Seiten um echte Instagram Follower zu kaufenso if you are interested in boosting your following then you can always take a look there.  


Facebook is arguably the most popular social media platform in the world and since its introduction in 2006, it has collected billions of users. Due to the site’s popularity, many people have chosen to set up their business pages on this site as it is likely to bring in more followers and potential customers.  

Much like Instagram, Facebook has a lot of features that make it very accessible for businesses to use. What makes Facebook stand apart from other social media sites is their promotion system. Facebook has one of the best promotion systems on the internet and it is something that they have been perfecting for a number of years.  The promotion system in facebook can be used by anyone that has a social media account, but for businesses you have access to some additional features that can really skyrocket your business.  


When it comes to Facebook promotion, you are completely in control. You can choose how many people can see your posts, what region your posts are seen in and for how long. This means that if you don’t have too much money to spare, you can still get your post the attention it needs by simply promoting it to your fellow facebook users.  

 You also have the option to create a business page that is connected to your own personal facebook page. People who see your business page will not know that you are connected to this page, but it means you will be able to easily access it, so you can check it whenever you get the chance to.  


Snapchat is a good social media site to sell and advertise your products to a younger audience. If you are someone that sells a product that depends on aesthetics, then this is most likely the best social media platform for you to use. 


On average, the kind of businesses that will thrive on Snapchat are businesses such as makeup companies or even entertainment brands. This is because these companies depend on people being able to visualize what they have for sale, which makes snapchat the perfect social media account.  


Snapchat is great because there are limitations on what people can see. There isn’t much variety for what people can click on and see and it is a page essentially made for scrolling. This means that people will easily get lost in staring at their phone, which will result in them unknowingly spending hours on end looking at your products and getting to know your brand.  

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